GV Kids (Ages 3-7)

Going Vertical Kids is an introduction to the normal training done at Going Vertical for younger prospective athletes.

Going Vertical Kids has 3 main areas of focus:



Physical Fitness

We feel these 3 areas are the most important to develop in kids of all ages as they mature and increase their enthusiasm for exercise and sport. During the 6 week 45 min Going Vertical Kids session, our highly qualified sport coaches will take the athletes through a series of high tempo, energetic, and fun exercises that our older athletes perform on a daily basis. Our sport coaches will help educate and motivate our GV Kids athletes through competition, teamwork, and learning to enjoy working hard to improve their athletic performance.

Youth (Ages 8-10)

This foundation phase is geared towards introducing our young athletes to the basic fundamentals of training and athletic development in a fun and energetic environment. The goal is to help our athletes build a solid foundation and establish the building blocks of athleticism.

We will focus on the basics of:



Core Strength



Developmental (ages 11-13)

The Developmental phase is the next step in building upon the basic movement principles.

The main emphasis of our workouts is focused on

Change of Direction



Speed/Acceleration Training

Core Strength




High School (ages 14-18)

This phase is designed to prepare you for performance at a high level. Focus for this phase will be on

Speed Training

Developing explosiveness using our vertimax

Fine tuning footwork through various ladder, cone and hurdle drills

Strength, Conditioning, Flexibility, and Core Strength will also be key components for the athlete to prepare to take the next step in their athletic career.

Team Training

Teammates or Coaches will sit down with our certified Trainers to develop a customized program based on your team’s goals, abilities, and expectations to your customized time frame.

1:1 Personal Training

Solid. Consistent. Demanding. Personalized.
If any of these words come to mind when thinking about taking your game to an elite level, then personal training may be for you. Through personalized workout plans, constant feedback, and attention to detail, our sport performance coaches will empower each athlete to take what they have learned use it to dominate on the field, court, diamond, or in the pool.

Going Vertical understands that you have to train like a champion, to be a champion.

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